What’s up!
Had a great weekend!! The perfect amount of relaxation and hanging out with friends. Friday night I was on Hardline Chat, which was awesome as always. I got to connect with a ton of people and it allowed them to ask me questions. I always appreciate the love and support from my fans! If you guys haven’t checked Hardline Chat out definitely do it! They also just came out with an app that makes it easier. Who could say no to hot phone play?!
Saturday I caved in and went shopping… not that I really need any more clothes! Lol but I got a clean new pair of white pumas, a cardigan and some shirts. Later on I went out with the boys, Johnny Torque, James Huntsman and Tyler Torro. Always a good time when we all get together! Sunday I did nothing but sit on my ass and do nothing, thats what you get for drinking lol. Ohhhh and did I mention?! I had pizza. Bad boy I am 😉

Take it easy, much love to my fans and check out my new scene if you haven’t already! It’s with Ayden Marx! Sexy sexy

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