On Another Note

Sooo far my new years resolution is progressing. I’ve gained about 2 pounds while keeping my body fat % down. Very happy with the results at this point, it sure isn’t easy though. I’m having to eat a pile of food a day and i’m having to eat when i’m not even hungry…i’m a glutton at this point lol. Ill have to put some before and after photos on an upcoming blog so you can physically see the difference.

Shoot week is near and you all know what that means! PoRnO acting time lol. Not quite sure who my scene partners are this time around but i’m sure ill be pleased. I believe i’m shooting 5 scenes this coming up month. I’ve been soooo not busy for the past few weeks and still have a couple more weeks off…more time to work on the body 🙂

I only have one event that is scheduled at the moment, Chicago on the 10th of Feb. I’m going to be heading there with James Huntsman. Going to be good times like usual.

Well like I have promised over and over…a video blog is coming next. I’m just trying to figure out what topic to talk about. I guess you’ll have to see in my next post!

Much love to you all and ill see you tonight on my Cam Show!!

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