Dirty Bloggers

Soo this blog post is dedicated to all you nasty bloggers. First question, what do you do with your life? I mean obviously you have time in between your mother making you meals and Xbox to down grade individuals that you have never met nor will ever have the honor to meet (not to sound cocky). So I mean really, What is your motive? You use a fake name, you bitch about how we are “gay for pay”, whores, unattractive, taking advantage of the gay community(thats my favorite one), over-exposed, and list keeps on going. Your motive has ignorance written all over it. Second question? WHY THE FUCK DO YOU WASTE YOUR TIME WATCHING US? That i’m sure is a stupid question because i’m sure all of you are in denial that you watch us, you have time to go to a blog and write hateful comments…i’m sure you have time to watch us deep throat and take cocks up our “gapping holes”.

Now it’s not that I take comments personal anymore, when I was younger and more light on the details of blogs and bloggers I did. I then learned it is the same 15 people writing hateful comments. Soooooo to alllll you Dirty Bloggers out there, have fun with your cum covered keyboard and Cheetos. Tell your mom thank you for paying for our porn.

Disclosure: Now i’m never one to be mean or hateful, i’m a loving person. But Dirty Bloggers piss me off sometimes. Had to give a shout out to them. lol

Much Love to all my fans and i’m sorry if my blog was out of character, had to get it off my chest.

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20 Responses to Dirty Bloggers

  1. Serine19 says:

    Being of the Bi-sexual persuasion myself I’d have to agree with you; people who throw stones shouldn’t be living in glass houses to begin with, as the saying goes LOL. My boyfriend and I enjoy watching you (and many others on this site) perform, I think you’re a beautiful man inside and out. Not to mention those sparkling killer blue eyes and huge inviting smile AWESOME!! 🙂
    It’s good to vent now and then, hope you feel better :))

    Have a great day, enjoy every minute !


  2. Jeanne Marie says:

    I like your response to the nasty bloggers. Two points in particular I have wondered about myself ever since I read the first ‘hate blogs’ (which was about one of your fellow ND models) … these guys are constantly accusing you guys of taking advantage of gay men, but how can that be? You certainly don’t force anyone to spend their money on your sites .. it’s their own choice! And why do they watch your scenes, and follow you on Twitter if they have nothing good to say about you? Denying they do is pathetic, because they sure know a lot about you, and they know who your followers are too. I’ve even gotten nasty messages from some of these guys because of who I happen to be a fan of. Unfortunately I can’t always keep my big mouth shut, and that just encourages them to make more nasty remarks. But I have also gotten to the point of laughing at them. I’m glad you don’t let it bother you anymore! 😉

  3. Stuke says:

    I agree with you. They are obviously in the closet and trying to act like such the stud. WTF is their problem. If they don’t like what you or others do they need to do the mature thing and leave the site and don’t come back. I luv ur movies and site, myself!! I think u rock!!
    You have a point, they need to just go to another site instead of running their mouths and shooting bull out of their pie hole. Keep up what you do!! Speak your mind, and don’t put up with their crap!! You have rights just as they do. They will probably say they are practicing their right of free speech, but the only thing they are doing is practicing ignorance. Keep up the great work and screw them. I luv ya, and think you are great!! You’re real handsome, an awesome actor, and in my dreams most nights. So it they want to go all crazy they need to find something else to wack off by. You’re awesome and I hope to see much more of you. I hope that sometime I get the pleasure of meeting you in person as well. U rock!! I’m so excited to be writing you right now. Take care and have fun!! Keep up the great work and screw the haters. Luv ya!!

  4. Rod says:

    I tottaly love you Marcus! =) and for what i see you are one of the most loved models from Nextdoor studios just like paul wagner and austin wilde, and even rod daily… WHY WOULD ANYONE HATE YOU? YOU’RE SO AMAZING WITH YOUR FANS, YOU SPEAK WITH US ABOUT YOUR DAILY LIFE, FAMILY, PERSONAL THINGS THAT MANY IN THIS INDUSTRY DON’T TALK =)
    and i believe that many of the bad comments you have is mostly cuz bloggers have the power to influence a lot of people sometimes… but you were always very down to earth so i don’t understand why some people don’t like you, it’s really sad =(


  5. Spencer says:


    From your lips to God’s ears. Well said.

  6. mary gresham says:

    Babe, I feel the same way. I don’t get to watch you all that often on your live show, but I enjoy the hell out of the videos, no doubt about that. And, personally, I don’t see anything wrong with you doing it, as long as you’re enjoying yourself and apparently you do. There is one person on ND I refuse to watch. Will not name names, cause I don’t do that. But the rest of you guys are awesome, no matter if you’re gay for pay or whaever you want to call it. Keep up the good work and don’t ever let them win, because they are not worth it.

  7. kyle says:

    Negativity in comments are usually saying more about the one posting. So I agree with your comments and attitude towards dealing with them.

  8. Nataliee says:

    it’s insane how some peope can be so dumb marcus, but you most try to be superior to that… seriously, how can someone call straight to a man who kisses man, take dick in the ass and sucks cook… lol it’s insane but some bloggers insists that it may be true, whatever, you are really beautiful, and to be honest i didn’t saw to much hate on you on the blogs, i do see it when they talk about cody commings. Be happy gorgeous Marcus.

  9. Bill says:

    Good for you, Marcus. The gay community – and gay allies regardless of their orientation and why they do what they do – need to stick together; not turn and eat one another for lunch. After reading this, I think you’re sexier than before. And that was pretty fucking sexy!

  10. Reggie says:

    Those guys are just jealous kinds of fellows who wish someone wanted them half as much as your fans want to see you. I’ve seen you on YOUTUBE and you seem like a genuinely nice, laid back person who loves what he does (still waiting 4 u and DieselWashington).
    So just keep on pleasuring and shake those nasty bloggers.

  11. Brad says:


    Bravo. I think it’s hot to see a straight guy have gay sex.


  12. Karl says:

    I simply couldnt agree more!
    I really dont know why these haters bother going on porn siites to vent their spleen…Jesus, go out and pick a fight if you wanna be so aggressive. I dont know about them living in their parents basement playing on X-boxes though, any real proof of that? I wouldnt be surprised if these people are religious freaks who can quote you chapter and verse from the Bible when it suits their ends [to make you do what they want] its the only way these nut-jobs operate.
    Just IGNORE them, Marcus. Dont allow thier vile postings on your blog, simply starve them of the oxygen of publicity; they cant survive in a vacuum.

  13. Lucien says:

    I hope the rest of us good bloggers who love love love you sexy thing can make up for those nasty comments and make you forget about those hater types
    We adore you

  14. Jane Goodall says:

    I hope you noticed that it’s the women fans of gay porn , like myself, who are defending you on here. You don’t need the gays when you have strong female fan base! Tell these haters to leave you alone. I for one will always love you Marcus Mojo you are sooo handsome and cuddly. When I watch your scenes I can see the love and passion you have in your eyes. Sometime I just swear your looking at me (blush). It gives me a warm feeling knowing that I can defend my man against all these gay haters. You’re just a real man and that’s why they hate you Marcus. You must be sooo proud of your success. You don’t owe the gays anything you’re just a sexy man and they should be glad to worship at your feet. The feet of a real man. J Love you babe!! See you at the grabby awards. I. Just. Can’t. Wait. XXOO

  15. Steve Cruz says:

    You are the MOST adorable porn star… THE MOST!
    So it pains me to see you upset. I want that baby face smiling all the time.

    I posted not too long ago about my feelings about porn ‘gossip’ blogs. Check it on stevecruzblog.com- in a nut shell I dig fan sites more than trash sites.

    It will always bother me that vile darkness comes from a ‘pleasure industry’. Its not just porn, its all entertainment these days. Bless the internet, but it also gave the lowest common denominator a voice. I so badly want to be an optimist, but the BORING unhappy people of the world need to spread their venom. SIGH! OH WELL…
    Best thing to do is to be happy and succeed in spite of the haters.
    That should be easy for you babe. You’re like porn candy! The sweetest.
    Stay true at heart, rise above adversity. XO

  16. Sucker says:

    Marcus, come on!ISometimes when things are so obvious, it hard to see. It’s the easiest explanation available You’re an extremely hot man having sex with other extremely hot men. Those guys aren’t getting any so their jealous. Let’s face it. I think we’re all at least a tiny bit jealous. I don’t know if you’re gay for pay, gay or bi. I DON’T CARE! These guys have no life like you said and are looking for some reason to feel better about themselves.
    Keep doing what you do pal!

  17. pierre rimbaud says:

    you’re dreamy, marcus. :O) kisses from paris.

  18. DeWayneinSD says:

    Success brings the Haters out its part of the life cycle of any one with celebrity. You have figured out a very small minority of commentators are involved in all this negativity which makes them easy to dismiss.

    Don’t dwell on it that gives them victory.

    You put a smile on my face anytime I see you on webcam or in a scene and not many porn-stars do that! This means I find you very likeable as a person as well as incredibly sexual performer.

  19. Fred Merc says:

    Dear Marcus,
    I feel so soory for the stupid bloggers.
    May I tell you that I NEVER have enough of you?
    You are superbe, alive; sooooooooooooo sexy and all the rest including a brain in your head.
    I like you so much

  20. Jack says:

    Ignore them Marcus. They are just unhappy people who have to try to bring others down so that they can attempt to feel good about their own sad lives. Marcus, you must surely know that you are a beautiful man in every way In Irish: Is e Marcus fear alainn matain

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