Dirty Bloggers

Soo this blog post is dedicated to all you nasty bloggers. First question, what do you do with your life? I mean obviously you have time in between your mother making you meals and Xbox to down grade individuals that you have never met nor will ever have the honor to meet (not to sound cocky). So I mean really, What is your motive? You use a fake name, you bitch about how we are “gay for pay”, whores, unattractive, taking advantage of the gay community(thats my favorite one), over-exposed, and list keeps on going. Your motive has ignorance written all over it. Second question? WHY THE FUCK DO YOU WASTE YOUR TIME WATCHING US? That i’m sure is a stupid question because i’m sure all of you are in denial that you watch us, you have time to go to a blog and write hateful comments…i’m sure you have time to watch us deep throat and take cocks up our “gapping holes”.

Now it’s not that I take comments personal anymore, when I was younger and more light on the details of blogs and bloggers I did. I then learned it is the same 15 people writing hateful comments. Soooooo to alllll you Dirty Bloggers out there, have fun with your cum covered keyboard and Cheetos. Tell your mom thank you for paying for our porn.

Disclosure: Now i’m never one to be mean or hateful, i’m a loving person. But Dirty Bloggers piss me off sometimes. Had to give a shout out to them. lol

Much Love to all my fans and i’m sorry if my blog was out of character, had to get it off my chest.

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