New Years Resolution

So i’m not too big on New Years resolutions because honestly…whoever follows through with them? lol. I don’t like setting myself up for disappointment. But this year is different for me, I first thought quit smoking? Noooo, i’m not ready yet lol. Then I thought, not drink? Well I don’t do much of that anyways so It would be a waste. Soo I decided to improve on certain parts of my body, increase my endurance by running, and also put on 5-10 pounds of muscle within 3-4 months while keeping my body fat % with 4-5. Sounds pretty difficult from the looks of it but i’m confident I can achieve this goal.

The body parts I want to improve on are my traps, glutes and shoulders. I just recently got a trainer for some extra motivation and man oh man…hes busting my ass..literally. As for gaining 5-10 pounds, alot of healthy eating and NO skipping meals.

My hopes are high but I love the thought of improving my body and getting in better shape. If I dont achieve my goals…at least I tried lol. Wish me luck guyssss.

So I said I’d be posting a video blog this time around but I chose to write lol. Next blog post I promise, you will see my baby blues in a video 😉

Much love,


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