This New Years partying lasted a couple days for James Huntsman, Drale Wild and Tucker Scott (T-Stack). We all traveled about an hour to San Fran, we were all scheduled to dance there Firday and Saturday (New Years Eve)..besides tucker…he was the babysister for the 2 nights. Soo the trip took an unexpected turn when we realized we weren’t’ staying in the best of hotels lol. Tile floors?? Really? Soo weird. Anywho, once we got selttled in our jail cells we went in search of some food. We couldnt find a place for at least a mile, took a right turn, then another right, then a left…and realized we were kinda lost lol. We started walking in the correct direction, then Tucker paused and looked at his phone and said..”I think we are going the wrong way”…so I chime in and say lets go back the way we came…WRONG way it was…”NEVER LISTEN TO MOJO”S DIRECTIONs” -James Huntsman. Ended up getting some Subway with James right by the club. That night was fun, only had 2 drinks. Still was a blast. We were all dancing for the 2 grooms that got married, BACHELOR PARTY! Real nice, down to earth guys.

So Night 2! New Years Eve! We relocated and stayed at the Westin, comfy beds!! My girlfriend came up for the night to celebrate with me, I was scared I was not going to see her for New Years..she was sick…so I was ecstatic that she made it. The night turned out great…danced..shuffled through the crowd for a while…and got my kiss at midnight by my lovely girlfriend ;). After I got off, we went back to the hotel and ordered some pizza…yes pizza lol. What a good way to start off the new year. It took me 5 trys to find one that was open…last try I felt like I won the lottery. Guy said I was the last order of the night :D.

Soo until my next blog post, take care and Happy New Years!

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