Lake Tahoe

Sooo lately its been all about spending time with the family and celebrating the new year! So the day after christmas I went to Heavenly in Lake Tahoe for 3 days with my girlfriend and her family to enjoy the snow…but there was no snow lol. Very disappointing, last time I was in Tahoe there at least 5 feet. I know the next question your asking is if I ski or snowboard…the answer is no lol. I havent even attempted it, i’m a loser. I’m a big fan of snowball wars though, such a little kid I am :).

So since there was ZERO snow, I went to the local casino twice when I was there. And YES actually, I won…a whole whopping 37 dollars..Woot Woot! That’s about a half a tub of protein powder worth of winnings lol. Well winning is always better than losing. Also had a couple drinks to get MOOJOO going on the slots lol. Played craps for the first time and that was a NO-GO…rolled the dice and craps out 3 consecutive times…horrible luck. I wasn’t able to hit the gym as muh as I liked but still got 1 gym session in there, tis’ the seaon to be lazy lol. If you even want to call that lazy. :/

Soo in my next blog post I will tell you about my new years in SF 🙂

Much love to you all!

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