Ok guys so this isn’t going to be the longest blog post but ill let you in on what i’m taking at the present moment.

Lately I have just been sticking to vitamins and pre and post work out drinks.

Vitamins: Animal Pak (In the original yellow tin)
Triple Strength Fish Oils (GNC)
Pre Workout: C4 extreme
During and post Workout: BCAA”S (USP Labs)
Protein: Myo Fushion(Gaspari) and Extreme Wheybolic 60(GNC AMP)

Now I take my animal pak twice a day, one in the morning with my fish oil and one in the afternoon. C4 extreme before my workouts and the bcaa’s during and rite after. Drinking the bcaa’s before will give you endurance and a sustained pump during your workouts. Take Myo fushion before your workouts and Wheybolic after.

Soo there it is! Hope you find it helpful! Take care!

Will be updating you on my holiday extravaganzas in my next blog post 😉

Much love

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