My Nutrition Plan

So first and for most…I do not count calories! lol. I dont believe in it, I believe quality over quantity. If you think about counting calories in your diet you are going to go crazy! As I did when I first started “Dieting”.

Now i’m basically just going to give you the run down on what I eat, not how much. I do not measure my food.

When it comes to carbs..I eat nothing but complex carbs, which means it doesnt spike your insulin level and gives you sustained energy. When your insulin level spikes then drops, you store fat and that i’m sure is something no one wants. Avoid any sugars, besides fruit in moderation.

Complex Carbs: Brown Rice, Quinoa, Oatmeal, 100% whole wheat bread. Now these are what I use for complex carbs, there are many out there but these are what I suggest.

Proteins: Chicken, Salmon, Flank Steak, Any White Fish, EGGS. It is important to have different types of animal protein due to there different BCAA values. Dont just stick to one protein. Mix it up 🙂

Fats: Nuts, Almonds, Almond Butter, Avocado.

Veggies and Greens: Anything green, spinach is a winner. Any veggies besides potatoes and corn…those are starches and will spike your insulin level.

I do not add any salt to my meals! Pepper and salt-free seasoning.

Next blog post I will be letting you in on my supplementing 🙂

Much love

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