Happy Holidays!

So i dont know about you guys but when it comes to christmas shopping…i display procrastination at is finest lol. I have got most the gifts i had to get but still have a few more that i’m going to get today. All I have is my dad’s get to get and thats the easiest one thank god.

I dont have much planned for the holidays besides spending time with the family. Friday i have christmas with my pops and all my sisters. Then saturday on christmas eve i celebrate with my mom and my sisters again. Oh and by the way the reason i have 2 separate christmases is because my parents separated when i was 3 :(. Any who, christmas day i spend with my girlfriend and her family! Our first christmas together so i’m excited 🙂

So through all this crazy unwrapping of gifts and holiday cheers, i’m going to somehow reject all the lovely and appetizing treats my family lays out…and trust me it wont be easy lol. Chocolate drop cookies and peanut butter fudge will be the hardest to turn down…but i made a promise to myself i’m going to have enough will power and not endure in these fine delights…hopefully lol :/

So on my next blog post i’m going to talk about NUTRITION. Lovely subject…for some. You guys may love it, but you i’m sure your going to hate it. Much love and happy holidays!

See you tomorrow on my cam show!! 530pm pst

Sincerely, Mojo

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