December Shoot Week

Hey whats up guys!

So let me give you a quick little run down of my shoot week. First off i was feeling full of energy this shoot so i was definitely looking to let that shine on camera this month.

My first scene was a solo, masturabtion is always fun. It was a darker feel then the usual happy go lucky attitude i usually have but i’m sure you will enjoy 🙂

Second scen was with Jimmy Clay and Tyler Torro. Tyler and I were the tops in this one, so we had alot of fun and wiggle room with Jimmy. They are both impecable performers so im sure the last thing you will be is disappointed. I also have had a couple scenes with both these studs so there was chemistry rite off the bat.

Third scene was with Duke Ryder, great performer and such a sweet southern twang he had. Very light hearted and nice. Had a great time with this guy.

Fourth scene was Ayden Marx. Now this is one sexy guy we got here. Full of laughs and sexual vibes. He caught my attention the second i saw him. If you are looking for a passionate scene with a lot of kissing, you got yourself a winner here cuz it is jam packed(no pun intended) lol. Now ill let you guys be the judge but i’d have to say this is one of my best scenes…right behind Austin Wilde of course. 😉 Very excited for this scene to come out.

Last and final scene was with none other than Trent Diesel and Sebastian Young. Both these guys have been in the business for a while so they knew exactly what they were doing :). Very aggressive scene with hot action.

Till next time guys, Much love to all of you!

Sincerely, Mojo

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