Workout Day 4…finally ;)

Hey guys! Hope you all had a great thanksgiving!! I know i did, 3 plates of food and 10 pounds later ;). Soo as you all know from my twitter updates I went to St. Paul, MN. with none other than Johnny Torque! Now i dont know what it is but whenever i hangout with this guy all we do is laugh and have a good time…good company that guy is :). Now i know i shouldnt be telling you guys this but i got a little tipsy when i was there, to sum it up…johnny helped me out of the club that night lol. I had a case of the stumbalinas. So enough of me jabber mouthing, here’s my day 4 of the workout.

We are going to be working out shoulders and traps.

Warm up: Push ups and pull ups

Dumbbell shoulder press: 12,12,10,10,6 w/ Dumbbell Shrugs 10,10,10,8,6
Behind the neck barbell press: 10,10,8,8,15 w/ Barbell Shrugs 8,8,6,6,5
Reverse Flys: 4 sets of 8-10 w/ Upright Dumbbell Rows 4 sets of 8-10
Dumbbell Lateral Raises(front) 3 sets of 12 w/ Upright Barbell Rows 3 sets of 12
Dumbbell lateral raises (side) 3 sets of 12 w/ Dips 3 sets to failure

Ok guys there ya go, hope you are keeping up with the workouts and seeing results. Day 5 is coming next…and man oh man are you in for a treat :).

Peace and love to all my fans! Talk to ya’ll soon 😉

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