Florida and My Workout: Day 4

Hey there my friends! Just got back from fort lauderdale, FL two nights ago, I had a fucking blast. Was there with Dylan Roberts(my best friend), Alex Andrews, and gotta meet a guy named Sebastian Young…very sexy man :). He will be shooting with next door in the upcoming shoot so look out for him. Of course having my best friend there was a treat…but god damn is dylan in good shape right now! Proud of the guy, he was my competition for the weekend :).

I made an appearance at Bill’s friday night, it was bear night lol…and even though i wasn’t supporting the furr…i still think they liked me ;). Club owners were fucking awesome…and the bartenders…well they were kinda mean for making my drinks too strong..haha im joking…never too strong of a drink. Great vibe from everyone there, very pleased and i’d love to make it over there again.

Saturday night i decided to pop over to Boardwalk and dance, i was not scheduled too but i just figured what the hell…i’m only here for one more night. Unexpected surprise, Joshua Logan was there…love the guy…and looking better than ever. Gotta shake my goodies on stage with Dylan Roberts, Alex Andrews and Sebastian Young, now there is some man meat lol. All of them looking real good. So all in all my trip was a success, made new friends, had a good time, and of course work out lol.

OHH! and i almost forgot, Leaving for St. Paul, MN tomorrow with Johnny torque to go dancing at Camp Bar wed night! Be there if you are in the area. Workout Day4 coming out in the next few days.

Much love to you all and Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Be safe! XoXo

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