Pre-Shoot Week

Hey ya’ll! Just had the longest couple days of my life!!!

First, had to move all my stuff to my new home…which was a pain in my booty. And i came to realize…i have a shit ton of clothes! I mean like 5 duffle bags full…and about 25 pairs of shoes…in which some are practically brand new! Thinking of donating some of the stuff i dont wear anymore…or give it to my little nephew 🙂

Second, my diet is pretty much as tight as it can get. Nothing but brown rice, veggies, chicken, salmon, avocado, and some almond butter. All very low in sodium, i do not add salt to my food..only sodium free seasonings 🙂 I cant forget the protein shakes as well, one before a workout and one after…30-40 grams each shake. As soon as i wake up i eat and eat every 2 1/2- 3 hours until 2 hours before i go to sleep.

Third, busting my ass in the gym with my 4-day split. After repeating it twice, take a day off.
Day 1: Bi’s, tri’s, abs
Day 2: Chest, Back
Day 3: Legs, abs
Day 4: Shoulders, Traps
Day 5: Cardio, abs, body weight movements

Ill give you more in depth details about my workouts in my next post.

So that is whats going on this week. Hoping to have a great shoot week as im sure it will.
Much love to all my fans! Thanks for reading!

Peace and love

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