And the beat goes on

Hello Saturday!

Hope everyone enjoyed thier friday night!  I was a good boy and stayed in and watched some flicks with the family.  It was a long shoot week for me due to my sickness…so rest was #1 on the agenda :).

So, shoot week went great for me…met some real cool, down to earth people.  Such as Darcy Tyler, Vance Crawford, Spencer reed and few other good looking models.  My energy level during the shoot was a little low, congestion and a sore throat…can make a person sleepy and lethargic..but I made the best of it and had 4 great scenes.   Very pleased with the outcome of all 4, and I hope you are alll pleased as well :)))

Many fans have been asking me about my workout and nutrtion plan, so ill give ya guys a little outline of my workout and you can adjust it to a workout level of your liking.  Now keep in mind i’ve been working out for 8 years without more than one week off so my workload might seem a little heavy compared to most 😀

Here it is!

4 day on 1 day off

Day 1:  Chest. 7 workouts, 4 sets on each Superset/with biceps. 5 workouts 4 sets on each

Day 2:  Back. 7 workouts, 4 sets on each Superset/with triceps. 5 workouts 4 sets on each. Plus 16 sets of abs.  At least 40 Pull-ups incorrpirated into workout.

Day 3:  Legs. 7 Workouts, 4 sets on each Superset/with traps. 5 workouts 4 sets on each.

Day 4: Shoulders. 6 workouts, 4 sets on each Superset/with abs. 4 workouts 4 sets on each

Day 5: Off

Day 6: Repeat

My form of training is HIT, High Intensity Training.  Meaning my rest period between sets is very minimal, 20-30 seconds at most.  What this ables you to do is keep your heart rate up and get the fat burning affects of a cardio workout and the muscle building of weight-training.  I’m more into building my endurance and stamina opposed to mass and size, so my reps range from 8-12 reps on every set except abs, which is 20-25 reps each. Another addition to my weekly regimen is cardio. I like to run, bike, or hop on the stairmaster for at least 20-40 minutes 3-5 times a week…pending on my time restraints 🙂

Sooo there’s the basis of my weekly regimen.  Hopefully it’s helpful to some of you out there!  Ill be posting my nutrition plan next week so look out for it!  Also some instructional workout videos to help out begginers.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and much love to my fans/ friends! 😉



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