My first ever blog post :)

Hey everyone!

First off, I want to thank everyone who has joined my site. I hope you all are enjoying it! I’m very excited to see all your feedback on whats to come 🙂

So now ill give ya’ll the 411 on whats going on in my life at the moment. Just went to Marrakech for new years and it was an absolute blast, besides witnessing the extreme amount of poverty. But let me give you the run down on what happen as soon as i got there. First, Royal Air Morac lost my luggage, it did not even leave New york. Hugggggge bummer, no clothes for 4 days. Second, as I was at the airport ready to leave Marrakech to Casablanca I find out they overbooked my flight :(. So I take a taxi to the Casablanca airport(2hour Drive) to try and catch my flight to JFK…did not make it and the next 2 flights were all booked :(. So while I was at the Casablanca Airport i’m hoping my bag has finally came, come to find out it was sent to Marrakech. So back to Marrakech I went…except this time the ride was 4 hours due to the slug of a driver lol. Once i got to the Marrakech Airport i go to get my bag and the baggage service personel told me they just put it on the Casablanca flight to ship it to my home address. I told him to hurry and get it off the plane before i blow up this bitch up…just kidding lol…i asked very nicely and he went and got it before the plane took off. Now when i first saw my bag, it was like losing my virginity…soooo excited. I saw the light lol. So out of all these dilemmas i ran into during the day…there was a positive that came out of it all :). So I head back to the hotel I was staying intially and all the rooms are booked…besides the suite…my ass lol. But i had no choice. I get the suite, go out to dinner and hit the sack for the night. Wake up to a 3am phone call from my travel agent telling me to get my ass to the airport and catch the 6 am flight out…honestly…when he told me that..i almost started crying with excitement..yes i’m a softy :). 9 hours later, back in the US…there is a god lol. So theres a brief outline of my trip, but all in all…wonderful time!

Once again, to all my fans..I thank you. 😉 I hope you enjoyed reading and if there is ever any suggestions on upcoming scenes or web cam shows please let me know…i would love to hear my fans input.

Much love to everyone and Happy New year!

Ps. Webcam shows at 5pm pst Mondays and fridays


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